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“The greatest thing then, in all education, is to make our nervous system our ally
as opposed to our enemy.”

William James

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Initially in consultation sessions we’ll share a context for appreciating the organizing principals of Polyvagal Theory  (PVT) and bring to light your goals for bringing PVT on board. We will look to start befriending your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), including basic mapping of your states. You will start to become an expert state tracker and learn how naming and noticing your states can allow you to leave your limiting stories behind and begin to build better resiliency towards well being.

I am your resource for personalizing PVT and supporting you in the empowerment of befriending your ANS.

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Passionate Polyvagalist

Becoming a “Passionate Polyvagalist" for Cameron Scott, encompasses four decades of study and the practice of treating the sequelae of complex trauma. Developmentally, when a childhood experience includes “way too much” or “not enough” in attachment, it results in devastating challenges negotiating everyday life. Numerous attempts to find relief from emotional and/or physical distress often leaves an individual feeling untreatable and chronically questioning “what is wrong with me?”.

Cameron earned her Master’s degree in clinical psychology in 1981. While in the practice of outpatient psychotherapy, she was privileged to train with trauma landmarks including Bessel Vanderkolk, Judith Herman, and Janina Fisher. In her endless pursuit to offer effective treatment for her clients, Cameron trained in numerous disciplines, most notably Internal Family Systems and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy while in practice at her office in Arlington, Massachusetts.

While Cameron enjoyed a reputation for being solidly effective in treating individuals, couples, and families with complex trauma history, a pivotal chapter was meeting Deb Dana and subsequently training in the clinical applications of Stephen Porges' "Polyvagal Theory” and completing Deb Dana’s first Rhythm of Regulation training in 2016.  Integrating PVT and working with the ANS was a game changer for Cameron, not only in her work with clients, but in her everyday life.

Currently, Cameron is working completely remotely and offering consultation in the US and abroad to people and organizations that are looking to adopt a “Polyvagal Lens”. Additionally Cameron revels in assisting Deb Dana in her Rhythm of Regulation trainings going forward. Cameron claims that any opportunity to hold space and foster becoming “Polyvagaly Informed” defines her as being a “Passionate Polyvagalist” and makes her Ventral Vagal heart sing.

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Polyvagal Theory
"The science of feeling safe enough to fall in love with life and take the risks of living..."

Deb Dana, LCSW

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Looking forward to connecting soon

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